How do you introduce kids to coding?

5 Ways to Introduce Your Kids to Coding

  1. Encourage hands-on play.

  2. Create more real-life "coding" experiences.

  3. Use online resources.

  4. Find them a "coding" mentor.

  5. Let them play with apps.

Kid Coding Program's curriculum is designed to grow with our students. The Coder's Ladder, similar to martial arts belt system, defines computer programming skills from beginner to advanced levels

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Our focus is on projects


Coding with Kids mission is to bring great coding programs to as many children as possible. We teach kids computer programming concepts through projects, whether it is through Scratch games, website development, mobile application development or scientific computation projects. 

Individualized Approach


We recognize that each child learns differently. Our curriculum allows students to advance at their own pace. Our goal is that no one is left in the dust and no one is bored by slow progress.

Basic programming has become an essential skill for grown-ups and children alike. And the benefits of picking up this skill, especially for kids, are huge: Learning how to build simple websites and games helps kids refine their design, logic, and problem-solving abilities. It also allows them to express ideas and creativity in unique ways.