Scratch Coding: Benefits African American Children in Learning to Code

Few abilities are more in demand today than the ability to code. Coding used to be a skill reserved for a small number of particularly computer-related positions, but that is no longer the case. Instead, practically anyone may profit from having a solid grasp of programming, from an accountant to a naturalist.

Learning to code at a young age can give children an advantage in growing their coding skills, and there is no better environment for beginners than Scratch.

What is Scratch coding, and how does it work?

Scratch was created at MIT in 2007 as a visual coding language for children. It works by combining short snippets of code into colorful blocks, which can then be snapped together to construct longer, more sophisticated programs. The code becomes more difficult as you add additional blocks to it.

Scratch is, and always will be, free, according to its creators. Scratch does not require a license to be used in school or at home.

Since its inception, it has assisted literally millions of children in learning the fundamentals of coding.

Scratch is a blank canvas on which to learn coding fundamentals. It's a space for young coders to express themselves while also honing their skills through experimentation and practice. Kids can acquire a variety of coding abilities, from problem solving to analytical thinking, as they explore what Scratch has to offer. These skills will follow them on their coding adventure beyond Scratch.

Why Should African American Kids Learn Scratch?

Of fact, many of these coding concepts may be taught on a number of different platforms. After all, one of the appeals of Scratch is that it functions similarly to many established coding languages. In Scratch, for example, you may find loops and variables just like in Python. What makes Scratch such a wonderful location to start coding? African American children will benefit by simply being exposed to a new language, and elevating their expectations as to how they fit, intellectually, in the world

It’s Fun!

One of the biggest reasons for youngsters to learn to code with Scratch is that it's a lot of fun.

Children and adults are significantly more motivated to do what they enjoy. Scratch turns learning to code into a puzzle rather than a labor by reducing the strain of memorizing a large number of coding words and instead focusing on the principles. This makes the transition from effort to reward a lot easier.

It's a fantastic way to keep pupils interested in the coding process.


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