The Renaissance Center is committed to cultivating globally forward thinking citizens from the African diaspora, who know who they are, understand their gifts and approach life with wonder, joy, humility, and a profound desire to share.  


Our practice is focused on supporting the growth of children's minds, bodies and souls through an integrated, differentiated curriculum rooted in the African Culture. By placing equal emphasis on all 6 Pillars of Growth.  African American children can continue to grow as balanced, educated, informed & well rounded individuals.


Helping Hands Creators spend time each session engaging in a process of self-construction through independent and collaborative interaction with materials, exploring the tenets of various ancestrial African spiritual practices. Helping Hands Creators will learn about the interconnectivity of the universe and their role in it. 


Helping Hands Creators will learn how to respect and engage their body as a tool to increasing wellness and happiness. Children will experience various physical practices such as tradition African dance, athletics and reflexology. Additionally, our Helping Hands Creators will learn to cook and eat as their ancestors ate. 


Helping Hands Creators learn African ancestorial meditational techniques, as well as , learning how to nurture their connection with the planet and all living things. Helping Hands Creators practice The 5 Forms of Afrocentric Meditation: 

  • healing

  • awakening

  • manifesting

  • contemplating

  • and transcending.

The Renassaince Center recognizes the spiritual trauma that can start in childhood and last well into old age, and we want to educate Helping Hands Creators about the techniques of self healing spiritually.

Why Meditation Is Crucial To African Spirituality?

"Neuroscientists have found that meditators shift their brain activity to different areas of the cortex—brain waves in the stress-prone right frontal cortex move to the calmer left frontal cortex. In other words, they were calmer and happier than before."




Soulful Creators

Our Helping Hands Creators program consists of master classes with leading creators in their respective fields, one-on-one mentorships with entrepreneurs, artists, poets, muscians and other liked minded bohemians.


Creative Expression is heavily emphasized at The Renaissance Center and viewed as core curriculum. Helping Hands Creators will have the opportunity engage in creative sessions alternating between Music, Drama, Dance, self expression and  Arts. Additionally, live music will be interspersed throughout their schedule becoming an integral part of the Helping Hands Creators program experience.



Helping Hands Creators will have the opportunity to travel  (weather permitting) to a full day nature immersive for hands-on learning—and to help each Helping Hands Creators develop a deep connection with the planet as the African ancestors did.


The goal of The Renaissance Center is to re-introduce the principles of  The Harlem Renassaince to the black communities of the Greater Sacramento region.