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A Sacramento Non-Profit Organization


Who we are

HOPEFUL Inc was established in the summer of 2006 for charitable purposes and designed to provide vital services to underserved and distressed communities in Sacramento. HOPEFUL Inc’s founder, having worked with other non-profits, felt there was a need for a program that specifically dealt with the underserved African American community.  There are plenty of large non profit organizations out there, but we decided to maintain a grass roots feel to our organization.


Areas of focus:

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

We utilize a digital and print media to raise awareness about  (ACEs) and the long-term health effects they can have on children and adults.


Mental Health Awareness

When we think about cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, we don't wait years to treat them.  If you get a headache we believe the reasonable thing to do is to get help immediately.  Mental health needs to be addressed in the same manner.  We want to work to remove the stigma.

Homelessness & Mental Health 

Homeless is a condition, not a characteristic and conditions that can be treated.  Our homeless mental health care program contacts mental health care centers in neighborhoods with clusters of shelters, supportive housing and other services for homeless individuals and families. Hopeful Inc then provides reliable informational resources to those in need of care who might not otherwise know about the many avenues of care available.

Our mental health care outreach model

Positive change is the result of what we've done. Communities have been made more aware of mental health issues, and we have lowered obstacles to care and assistance. Many underserved community members with mental health disorders have sought help as a result of Hopeful Inc's efforts, and many now lead happy, fruitful lives in their neighborhoods. We continue our marketing campaign to improve our efforts to provide prevention services to everyone, identify at-risk individuals early, intervene to reduce their risk, and refer those in need to our community partners with well established facilities.

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Our Programs


Homeless & Unsheltered
Helping Hands Program

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African American

Mental Health





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Hopeful Inc., as a grass roots, Sacramento non profit organization believes in being an 

advocate for the voiceless. We believe in the human spirit, and it's ability to heal. 

Join our 24/7  - 365 Campaign to assist us in our mission of #healingblackminds 

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