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HOPEFUL Inc was established in the summer of 2006 for charitable purposes and designed to provide vital services to underserved and distressed communities in Sacramento. HOPEFUL Inc’s founder, having worked with other non-profits, felt there was a need for a program that specifically dealt with the underserved African American community.  There are plenty of large non profit organizations out there, but we decided to maintain a grass roots feel to our organization.


HOPEFUL Inc’s founder saw the need in these communities and wanted to design a non-profit to do good things in the community. He wanted to create change via activism by addressing the specific needs of those in marginalized communities.  Hopeful Inc started to focus on the mental health disparities in the African American community. The goal is to reverse the effects of the conditions that plague the African American community by supplying  with vital resources surrounding mental health awareness.

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Hopeful Inc., as a grass roots, Sacramento non profit organization believes in being an 

advocate for the voiceless. We believe in the human spirit, and it's ability to heal. 

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