Transforming Sacramento’s System of Care by utilizing inclusion and diversity in our programs​


HOPEFUL Inc has evolved over 15 years to deliver the most visionary services to Sacramento’s distressed communities. We began in 2006, with our leading program, distributing food, literature and resource guides.  HOPEFUL Inc has evolved to now include a variety of programs such as African American Mental Awareness, as well as the Kid Coding Program.


Today, we are one of the most comprehensive, innovative, family-centered organizations introducing our many programs to over 30,000 families annually throughout Sacramento.


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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)


Invisible Scars Part 1

Special | 10m 11s | Aired: 12/13/2020

Childhood trauma impacts millions of Americans, and it’s having devastating consequences

Our Programs


Hopeful Inc.'s goal is to better educate, supply resources, and literature to Sacramento County residents with an emphasis on the black community regarding mental health care and early detection. We provide referrals and/or literature to individuals seeking mental health care and looking to learn more about mental health care for themselves or loved ones.


People experiencing unsheltered homelessness (those sleeping outside or in places not meant for human habitation) may be at a greater risk for infection when there is a community spread of COVID-19. ​In the context of COVID-19 spread and transmission, the risks associated with sleeping outdoors or in an encampment setting are different than from staying indoors in a congregate setting such as an emergency shelter or other congregate living facility. Due to the transitory nature of this group, there is cause for alarm because of the territory covered in a single day by those infected which pose a health risk for an entire city. ​However, sleeping outdoors often does not provide protection from the environment, adequate access to hygiene and sanitation facilities, or connection to services and healthcare. The balance of risks should be considered for each individual experiencing unsheltered homelessness.Hopeful Inc.'s Homeless and Usheltered - Helping Hands Program was designed to meet the specific needs of this underserved population in order to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus within and outside of this special needs group oeople.


Hopeful Inc.'s volunteers have contributed its success, and have a vested interest in supporting the mission of our organization. People volunteer for a wide variety of reasons, especially wanting to help others. But it's also OK to want some benefits for yourself from volunteering. Instead of considering volunteering as something you do for people who are not as fortunate as yourself, begin to think of it as an exchange. Consider that most people find themselves in need at some point in their lives. So today you may be the person with the ability to help, but tomorrow you may be the recipient of someone else's volunteer effort. Even now you might be on both sides of the service cycle: maybe you are a tutor for someone who can't read, while last month the volunteer ambulance corps rushed you to the emergency room. Think about how much you receive when you give and consider why you want to volunteer. You may have several different reasons.


NTREPRENEURIAL ACADEMY is a ten-week course that teaches existing and future entrepreneurs the essentials of starting and owning a business. What You’ll Learn The curriculum includes sessions on: The legalese of entities Know your numbers, accounting basics Business research and planning Marketing, how to get, keep and grow your customers and so much more! Taught by premiere business leaders from our community, ready to help you succeed! Cost Tuition for the program is $399. Tuition includes: Who Should Apply? Anyone interested! Entrepreneurial experience is not necessary to apply. This course is open to the public.


This training will examine the social and political changes occurring from the 1910s-1930s from an interdisciplinary perspective that particularly highlights the history and literature of the period. An emphasis will be placed on the ways that African Americans sought to control the representations of blackness in the public mind and the debates and differences of opinion that arose among participants in the movement. The goal of this training: 1. improve self esteem 2. educate each participant culturally 3. teach each pariticipant etiquette 4. give each participant a better understanding of African culture 5. development of historical consciousness In conclusion, students will engage in discussion and write short essays in order to practice and demonstrate their understanding and knowledge of the Harlem Renaissance as it pertains to present day life.


It’s easy to imagine a kid learning coding being stuck in front of a computer for the rest of their lives. However, that doesn’t have to be the case! In fact, coding experience can open up many opportunities and make your child more marketable when they start applying for awards, scholarships, and even jobs! There are plenty of paid coding apps, websites, and books for kids to learn to code. In the digital age, there are even more ways to learn coding for kids, free. Coding also allows your kid to creatively express him or herself. Your child has an idea for a game? They should make it! Your child has an idea for a website? They should design it!

S.M.A.R.T.T.  Program

The S.M.A.R.T.T. Program stands for Spending More Academic Retention Time Together. This program highlights the different techniques a family and their student can utilize to achieve academic success. The beneficial elements of the S.M.A.R.T.T. Program include:

  • One-on-One Guidance
  • Career Strategy Development
  • Financial Empowerment
  • Professional Development
  • Graduate School Preparation
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Mentoring
  • Parental Involvement
Kids will also have more opportunities to ask questions that will make learning personal for them, which will improve their retention rates and engagement. More engagement and success will translate to more confidence and less unproductive or dissociative behaviors. Kids who have access to some type of tutoring usually will see their academic performance improve.


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African American Mental Health Awareness


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Kid Coding Program Zoom Discussion

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