Black Mental Health Matters: Facts, resources, tips for allies

Know the facts about Black mental health

Higher prevalence: Adult Black / African Americans are 20% more likely to report serious psychological distress than white adults.

More likely to attempt suicide: Black/African American teenagers are more likely to attempt suicide than are white teenagers (8.3 percent v. 6.2 percent).

Less likely to receive care: As of 2015, among those with mental illness, 48% of Whites are receiving the services they need compared to 31% of Blacks.

Microaggressions and mental health: Higher frequencies of racial microaggressions negatively predict mental health and racial microaggressions are significantly correlated with depression.

Disparities in care quality: African Americans often receive poorer quality of care and lack access to culturally competent care. Compared with the general population, African Americans are less likely to be offered either evidence-based medication therapy or psychotherapy.