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Hopeful Inc. accepts guest non profit and charitable blog submissions from blogger who would like contribute to our cause.  The best way to ensure publication is to follow these guidelines. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Length: Max 1,000 words

  • Style: Plain language, or, write how you talk

  • Tone: Friendly, informative, empathetic and reliable

  • Structure: Try to use headings and bullet points, if possible

  • Visit our programs & write blogs that relate to one of our programs.



  1. Attach a Word doc to your email. We'd prefer your wonderful writing to come to us ( as a fully-formed draft in a Word document.

  2. Make sure you have citations/linking. We like our content to be backed by research, which means you should link to any statistic or health claim you reference.

  3. Don't forget a brief author’s biography. All authors may have a 50-word bio at the bottom of their piece; you are permitted to reference your personal/company website or blog.

  4. Click the "send me button" below.

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