What You Should Know About Homelessness and How You Can Help?

On any given night, more than half a million people in the United States are homeless, a humanitarian issue that requires our immediate attention. While many NGOs, foundations, and legislators are striving to address the problem, finding long-term solutions has proven difficult. That shouldn't deter us from trying: by separating fact from myth and analyzing effective ways, we can put an end to homelessness.

Why do people end up on the streets?

FICTION: Homeless individuals are all on drugs because they can't find work.

FACT: Homelessness is caused by a combination of causes, including poverty, a lack of affordable housing, serious trauma (including domestic violence), mental illness or physical disability, and personal crises. Yes, unemployment is a major issue, however the National Coalition for the Homeless estimates that up to 44% of homeless persons are employed: Wage stagnation has been a big issue for t