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How to Make Time for Self-Care as a Busy Business Owner

For many entrepreneurs, self-care is an afterthought. But practicing self-care regularly can have a profound impact on the long-term success of your business. Business owners who make a commitment to self-care are well prepared to handle stressors both on the job and in their personal lives. At the same time, prioritizing self-care can give you the energy to work productively and the cognitive power to make the best possible decisions for your business.

Of course, finding the time to take care of yourself is easier said than done. Brought to you by Hopeful Inc., here are some simple ways to work self-care into your busy schedule so you can enjoy all the benefits without sacrificing your valuable time!

Supplement Your Diet

Taking dietary supplements is a great way to improve your overall health and ease the symptoms of certain health conditions. For example, omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to fight depression and anxiety, reduce the risk of heart disease, fight inflammation, and promote mental wellbeing. It can be challenging to get certain nutrients when you’re too busy to cook all of your meals, especially if you’re on a limited diet. People who follow a vegan diet, for example, face a higher risk of vitamin B12 deficiency.

Manage Stress on the Job

Stress management is essential for business owners. As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly facing stressors on the job. Take steps to reduce business stress and give your brain a chance to relax. Believe it or not, forming an LLC could be a great way to relieve some of that tension! Businesses that operate as LLCs enjoy liability protection, tax advantages, and minimal paperwork, all of which can make your life less stressful. If this sounds good to you, consider filing your LLC online so you can skip the lawyer fees. Formation services like ZenBusiness can guide you through the process and ensure you meet California’s requirements.

Ask for Help

Asking for help is another great way to reduce stress. Delegate and outsource tasks that are taking up too much of your time so you can prioritize your wellbeing! Handing off challenging tasks to experienced freelancers will free you up to work on projects within your skillset and help your business grow. If you’re having a hard time trusting others with your work, take it one step at a time. Effective delegation is a skill that you will develop through practice.

Keep Workouts Short and Efficient

Exercising regularly is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind. Working out will burn off stress, help you sleep better, and give your greater confidence in your management role. But you don’t need to spend hours at the gym every day to enjoy these benefits. Who has time for that? To keep your brain and body in top shape on a busy schedule, stick to efficient workouts that train multiple muscles at the same time.

As Verywell Fit explains, a short but intense full-body workout is better than training a single muscle group for a longer period. High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, will give you the best bang for your buck in terms of calorie burn and strength-building, but it’s not something you should do every day. Try balancing your HIIT workouts with low-impact sessions of Pilates or barre to give your muscles time to recover.

If you live in an apartment building with a gym, make use of this facility whenever possible! Not only are most of these free for you to use, but they will also save you a lot of money on home gym equipment. If you’ve had your eye on moving, check out online listings to help you locate an apartment in Sacramento that provides this sort of amenity.

For many entrepreneurs, self-care is a foreign concept. There just isn’t enough time in the day to run a business, shuttle the kids around, cook healthy meals, hit the gym, and go to bed early. Thankfully, practicing self-care doesn’t have to be so complicated. Look for simple ways to incorporate wellness into your daily schedule and find what works best for you!

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